Ukrainian books for libraries in European countries

Ukrainian books for libraries in European countries

Russia's military aggression in Ukraine forced more than 6 million people, mostly women and children, to leave the country for Europe in order to save the most valuable thing - life. Now more than ever, they need books in their native Ukrainian language, because the "anxious suitcase" is too small for everything that is dear to us.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the Charity Fund "Library Country" together with the Ukrainian Book Institute, the Ukrainian Library Association, the Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Book Distributors prepared a list of literature from the 30 best Ukrainian publishing houses.

"Independent" and "Unbreakable"

Photo exhibitions "Independent" (the best documentary photos of independent Ukraine 1991-2022) and "Unbreakable" (photo materials of the war in Ukraine 2022). 

In March 2022, Ukrainian journalists received the Pulitzer Prize for courage and resilience. On the eve of the war in Ukraine, the photo album "INDEPENDENT. The history of modern Ukraine in the photos of the best documentarians" (more than 150 photos from 60 photojournalists of Ukraine) was published. The author of the project is Mstislav Chernov, an Associated Press journalist and winner of the 2022 Georgy Gongadze Award. 

Many photographers, whose photos were included in the album, are currently working in the war in Ukraine. And the new project "Unbreakable" documentary photos of the war in Ukraine is a continuation of the "Independent" project. 

Ukrainian cinema in European countries

Together with DerzhKino of Ukraine, we offer the best licensed films of Ukrainian production for charity screenings. We organize film screenings together with embassies, public organizations, cinemas, libraries, etc. Movies can be chosen from a catalog containing about 100 licensed movies with translation or subtitles in Ukrainian or languages of European countries. 

Ukrainian culture

Organization of meetings with Ukrainian writers, illustrators, artists and cultural figures in European countries.

Books for Ukraine

Ми збираємо книги іноземними мовами для українських бібліотек. We are looking for volunteers in European countries who will organize the book collection process.

Support us

"Library Country" is ready to provide book logistics, customs clearance, deliver books within 14 days, provide informational support for the project in Ukrainian and European mass media, as well as organize performances by Ukrainian writers, illustrators, and artists in your library both online and in the format of "live" communication.


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